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Our Community Café

Our Community Café

Our Café is a volunteer run project which takes place every Tuesday from 12:00pm - 13:00pm in our Main Hall. Every week we have a different menu which consists of choice of two Main Courses, Desserts as well as Tea and Coffee for only £4!

Patrons of our Lunch Club can choose between a hot meal or a salad and all foods are prepped and cooked on-site. Our Kitchen Staff, Brenda and Margaret have dedicated many years to providing these meals to the public, and after a recent food health and hygiene inspection, we have a 5 Star Rating! 

We acknowledge and appreciate every volunteer that gives their time to the centre, and the Community Café, and if you fancy volunteering at Birtley Community Centre you can gain social skills, confidence boost, culinary training in Health & Hygiene, as well as cooking from scratch! 

Birtley Community Centre is such a supportive and uplifting environment, so no matter how experienced you are, it's very hard to feel out of place!

The Community Fridge Scheme

The Community Fridge is open to the public everyday! We are in partnership with our local Greggs Bakery where whatever isn't sold in their store at the end of each day, is collected by our volunteers and is stored within our Centre. From Sandwiches, to Pasties, Pastries, Cakes and even Ready Meals, our Community Fridge is open to those in our Community who need it. 

How does the Community Fridge work?

When using our Community Fridge, it is a discreet and confidential process. You can donate food to our Fridge, and you can take. If you are sourcing food for your family, you are welcome to take one savoury and sweet per child/adult in your household at no charge. At the moment we are purely relying on food products from Greggs, so stock may vary each day. Allergen Sheets are also regularly updated.


We know that times are exceedingly tough, especially with the rising of electricity and gas prices as well as the repercussions from the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you are struggling to supply food for your family, please know that Birtley Community Centre is here to support you the best we can. We are on call for any food emergencies should local food banks be unavailable. You can come to us without fear of judgement and worry. We have helped many families over the years, and we continue to do so today. 

If we are unavailable on-site, please contact us through email or our Facebook Inbox.

We are taking donations for our Community Fridge everyday, any donations are very much appreciated!

Volunteer at our Community Café!

If you are interested in volunteering at our Community Café, give us a ring, drop us an email or send us a message on this site or our social media!

0191 410 2343

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