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The History of Birtley Community Centre

Welcome to the History of Birtley Community Centre page. 

Birtley is very well known for its history, a particular history leans towards the wartimes when the Belgians evacuated and resided in Elisabethville, and where our industrial estate became one of the most established for producing armaments in the United Kingdom, however, there is another part to Birtley's history which has occurred right here at Birtley Community Centre. 

The Miner's Welfare Hall

Birtley Community Centre was built and founded on the 11th August 1928 as 'The Miner's Welfare Hall' and was predominantly built for our Birtley Miners and their families. 

The original intention of this building, was for the Welfare and Benefit to those within the Birtley Community, and intriguingly, the intention remains the same today! 

On the outside, Birtley Community Centre would appear to be this compact, old building, but inside the rooms were kitted out for all things recreational such as a Snooker Room, Library and all things social such as the iconic ballroom which still remains intact in this present time.

For the last 60+ years, Birtley Community Centre had evolved from just being The Miner's Welfare Hall, and was entrusted to the people of Birtley to maintain and upkeep the values of the centre. We have a board of trustees who are the dedicated decision makers of B.C.C, who put the best interests of the public into our centre as well as our passionate management team who assist in showcasing and relaying what the word 'community' is really all about!


In a time frame of just under 6 years, we will be celebrating the Anniversary of Birtley Community Centre where it's age will promote to three digits, (100 years old!) and finally be recognised as an A-Listed, Historical Building.

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