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Our Aids

Times are tough, this we know. We have known and anticipated it for some time, and we are ready more than ever to help where we can as we have done since August 1928. Birtley Community Centre have a few aids that we can offer to those who are undergoing an emergency situation, particularly when it comes to accessing Food & Other bare necessities such as Clothes, Toiletries and Household Cleaning & Maintenance Products. We are aware that as Cost of Living Inflation increases the risk factor to many of our residents, however, we do have an Eligibility Criteria for the Food Parcels for those who enquire about it. 

Are you Eligible?

  • You are in direct crisis. This means that your family, your household has endured a critical setback where you may have to make a decision whether to prioritise another basic necessity such as Heating, Bills, Clothes, or Damage Repair and you have little to no food supply to support you.

  • You are waiting for a referral for a Foodbank or do not have access to a Foodbank as they are unavailable at the date or time you need food.

  • You are on very low income (below living wage) or are on Universal Credit or other low income support

If your answer is Yes to one or more of these questions, please give us a call on 0191 410 2343 or send a Direct Message to our Facebook Page, or email us at

Please note: We are only serving to those in the primary proximal vicinity of the Birtley/Barley Mow for our food aid crisis. 

There are other ways than direct contact that you can be referred to us for Food Crisis and we recommend this for all who are at risk and need help.

  • Via a Social Worker - If you are a Social Worker and you know one of your families are struggling and could benefit from our aid, please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0191 410 2343 or send us an email via

  • Via a Doctor/GP - If you are a Doctor/GP, you can make a referral on behalf of your patient to us if they disclose information that they are struggling with food which can be a stem cause of decline in Mental Health

Even though these are recommended ways to contact us in regards to Food Crisis, please also know that if you really are struggling, do not be afraid to contact us. We are here to help. Let us all break the stigma that still exists where there is a shame attached to asking for help for basic human necessities!

We are also very thankful to all donations and assistance we have received off of other Charities such as Olio, Feeding Families, Co-op, and the general public. 

If you would like to donate to Our Aid, we are always grateful for all donations. Here is what we can take:

  • Food (Ambient/Long Shelf-life) such as, Tins, Pastas, Jars, Long-Life Milks, Baby Food, Baby Formulas, Rice, Freezer Foods, Fridge Foods, and more.

  • Toiletries (Adult & Baby) in example, Nappies, Toilet Rolls, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Deodorants, Toothpaste, Earbuds, Cotton Wool pads/balls, Sudocreme, Flannels, Sponges, Shaving Razors & Sanitary Products.

  • Household Cleaning & Maintenance such as, Cleaning Sprays, Wipes, Disinfectants, Plates, Cutlery, Washing Powders/Tablets, Shake'n'Vac, Air Fresheners, and more.

  • We know that money is very strict for a lot of people now, but if you do wish to donate money, all money taken from donations specifically goes into sustaining Our Aid

We also have a Red Box onsite for those who are struggling to accumulate Sanitary Products. You can either ask for Sandy to our Office Staff, or alternatively you can access the Red Box situated in the Ladies Toilet upstairs. 

Our New Pantry! (Part one)

This is where we are now storing all of our food products! A massive shout out to Feeding Families, the Co-op and the general public for providing us with most! This used to be our old office space, and now Office Staff have migrated into our Computer Room to make room for our emergency aid. 

unnamed (15)_edited.jpg

Our New Pantry! (Part Two)

We are trying to be as space efficient as possible.

Did you know, that every few days we get donations off of Olio who collect foods that are into the 'reduced' prices section and are due to go out of date such as Breads, Pastries, Salads, Vegetables, Fruits etc? Keep an eye out on our Social Media and look out for 'Today's Olio Delivery!' this is absolutely accessible to ANYBODY, however we do have a pay as you feel where a donation is expected for any produce taken.

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Our Community Shop (Update!)

We had a little bit of a setback due to a leak that caused our shop ceiling to endure a mild disturbance. However, perfect timing because it has spurred us to begin to re-plan our shop space. At the moment our shop stock is minimal and is reserved primarily for emergencies, however our short-term goals is to make it into a more functional retail space!

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